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No. 17 - Better Leather, Better Books

We believe that great books deserve to be built to last, which is why top-quality materials are part and parcel of our press. When you purchase a Century Press edition, you're getting the honest hide of a real animal.

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No. 16 - The Bar Tab Also Rises

In The Sun Also Rises alcohol figures into nearly every scene, underscoring how deeply intertwined these spirits were with Hemingway's own life and by consequence those of his roman-à-clef personas.

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No. 15 - Keep It Definitive

While derogatory language and ideas do not warrant censorship in the books we re-print, at Century Press, we do believe that they require examination and contextualization.

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No. 14 - The Impulse to Censor

What are any of us afraid of when we feel the need to censor ourselves from speaking or writing words that may offend? Of course, there’s the selfish feeling that we may be judged. But should our choices be molded out of a desire for self-preservation?

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No. 13 - Hemingway, Piece by Piece

At Century Press every component of our books—spanning from the content to the materials—is deeply considered before coming together to create a cohesive experience. Learn how we built our latest book one element at a time.

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