Premium, 100% Cotton Paper

Made of pure cotton, our paper is acid-free, archival quality, and will maintain its creamy feel for hundreds of years. Both top-quality and sustainable, our paper is made from 100% cotton linters, a by-product of cotton garment production that would otherwise go to waste. 

Full-Grain Leather Bindings

We maintain strict standards that our leather be sustainably produced and traceably sourced back to the farm of origin. When possible, we use surplus from the garment industry, which eliminates the waste caused by new production.

A message from the founder

I started Century Press because readers deserve better. As we build our book collections, our books build us. Why should such meaningful objects be mass-produced and unremarkable? Know that when you purchase a Century Press edition, you're acquiring a superior object, built to be pleasurably read and proudly displayed for generations.

 - Alex Simon

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