Letter No. 1 - On Bookshelves

Bookshelves: not just for books; see toddler art and French mustard

When moving into a new place, setting up your bookshelf is a process that truly makes your house feel like a home. As I sat with my boxes of books, I realized that I didn't want to methodically populate the limited bookshelves with the torn-up, used paperbacks from my early years.

Given my limited shelf-space, I'd wanted to emphasize the books that really matter, the ones that have been well-bound, are both enjoyable to be read repeatedly and to display in my living room.

When deciding to purchase a new book, I'd often find that a classic book I wanted was only available for purchase in a mass-produced, budget paperback version or a fragile, antiquarian first-edition, the latter which could run into the thousands of dollars.

I was frustrated: why was there no middle ground for people who wanted quality-made, special books without a tycoon's bankroll?

Thus, I began Century Press with the vision of making books as remarkable as the stories they tell.

- Alex Simon

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