Letter No. 2 - Paper Selection

After making the first test plate, I was really excited to see how the Heidelberg printed on different types of paper.

There's been a number of new papers that have recently been developed that use more sustainable fibers than wood pulp. Mohawk has created some super cool papers based on straw fiber and hemp fiber that I wanted to try out. One feature of these papers is that you can actually see some of the residual fibers in the final paper, which adds a unique effect without being distracting. 

I also tested out a 100% cotton paper, which has more traditionally been used for letterpress. This cotton paper is made with reclaimed fibers from the garment industry, and is totally chlorine-free and of archival quality.

At the end of the test, I decided to move forward with the cotton paper rather than the Mohawk versions. While the novelty of these new papers is compelling, both the feel and the impression on the cotton sheets can't be beat. Plus, it's produced with wind and hydro energy.

I'm really looking forward to having folks see this paper in action when we start printing The Great Gatsby.



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