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Century Press
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OTTAWA, Ontario, April 6, 2020 — Canadian publisher, Century Press, announces their very first product, a special edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. Century Press is accepting pre-orders today on, with an anticipated publication date in June 2021.

Alex Simon, managing director, is proud to launch this innovative publishing company that provides readers an exciting, new option for enjoying the best books in the English language. Century Press distinguishes itself from today’s other publishers by emphasizing an artisanal production process.

“Our Ontario-based artisans use high quality, sustainably sourced materials to create books that will last for generations both in your hands and in your homes,” said Simon. “By using letterpress printing, 100% cotton paper, and up-cycled leather bindings, we guarantee a beautifully made copy that brings each word to life.”

Founded in 2020, Century Press leverages the deep expertise of printers and binders within Eastern Ontario to craft books that appeal to readers worldwide. Furthermore, Canadian artists and thinkers bring exclusive cover art and introductions that breathe new life into perennial bestsellers. 

Miles Corak, Professor of Economics at the City University of New York, and originator of the Great Gatsby Curve, contributes an essay preceding the novel.

“The Great Gatsby, written almost 100 years ago, remains as relevant to our age as it did for the Jazz Age. This handsome edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel will help citizens of all countries facing the challenges of rising inequality wonder all the more about the unkept promise of the American Dream,” said Corak.

Contact us or visit our website for more information on upcoming releases, behind-the-scenes production content, and to pre-order our first product.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Century Press is a publishing company that believes a book should be as special as the story it tells.

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